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Many people struggle with addiction for years, so even with intensive treatment it can be difficult to manage their addiction after a month-long stint in rehab. The first months and years after intensive addiction therapy can be extremely challenging for vulnerable recovering individuals. By residing within a community dedicated to sober living in Lufkin, people in recovery can better maintain their sobriety with support from the community. A sober living community is a great place to continue the recovery journey in an environment designed to support recovery goals.


A sober living network is a type of aftercare setting where recovering individuals can live for a period of time. Sober living treatment centers are structured to allow recovering individuals their independence while helping them maintain a sober environment. Most sober living housing provides programming designed to help community members ward off relapse and to practice strategies for managing their triggers.

Some sober living programs feature the SMART Recovery platform, which is a mode of therapy that helps addiction sufferers avoid relapse through empowerment. SMART Recovery meetings held at centers for sober living in Lufkin feature open discussion groups and educational programs that help recovering individuals continue to manage their addiction and other aspects of their lives. By encouraging recovering individuals to change, the program offers unique strategies for coping and living that have resonated with many people working to manage their addictions successfully. Both inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab may also feature SMART Recovery programming.

How Long to People Live at a Sober Living Facility?

It's common for people to reside at sober living treatment centers for roughly a stretch of 90 days, but many people prefer to stay on longer. Some may reside there for shorter stays. Sober living recovery is tailored to a specific person's needs. Some people may feel ready to return to their homes after 45 days, where others may still feel too vulnerable to leave their sober living community after 90 days. Communities for sober living in Lufkin and are flexible, so recovering individuals can gauge their progress as they work through treatment. Typically, the longer a person can reside at a sober living house, the better. In the supportive environment of the sober living community, the recovering individual can work to master their coping skills and effectively ward off the triggers that led them to abuse alcohol or drugs.

What to Expect while Living in a Sober Living Facility

Facilities for sober living in Lufkin help addiction sufferers maintain their recovery goals by maintaining a sober environment. Within the sober living community, recovering individuals will have more independence than they did within the rehab setting, but they will still have access to support staff and supportive programs that help them keep their recovery process on track. Many sober living programs include daily counseling sessions, group counseling sessions, group discussions, educational programming, and aftercare therapies like restorative yoga or music therapy.

During their stay within the sober living facility, people will invariably meet others working to manage their addictions too. Many people form lasting friendships, which can be extremely beneficial to them as many are forced to step away from former friends whose lifestyle conflicts with sobriety. Living among other people committed to sobriety can enhance the recovery process tremendously.

Sober Living Treatment Centers and Rules

Each sober living facility may be slightly different from any other. A cornerstone of all sober living treatment centers is no drugs or alcohol on the premises. The whole concept of a sober living network is to reside within an environment that offers no temptations in the form of alcohol or drugs. People who are caught with drugs or alcohol may be asked to leave or may lose house privileges.

Other commonplace rules that members of sober living housing groups abide by include drug testing, attendance at group meetings, adherence to curfews, and setting personal goals. An addiction specialist at your inpatient or outpatient rehab center can help you select a sober living network that's ideal for each individual's needs.

Communities dedicated to sober living in Lufkin want to help people succeed at managing their addiction for the long term. The goal of sober living treatment programs in Lufkin isn't to inundate recovering individuals with rules, but to help them built a framework for their recovery with some structure and resources that will serve them when they leave. Relapse is a big threat early in the recovery process, but sober living treatment centers can reduce the likelihood of relapse with their focus on relapse prevention in Lufkin and healthy living. Call now at (877) 804-1531.

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