Relapse Prevention in Lufkin, TX

Getting off drugs and alcohol for good is certainly no easy task. Even after a stay at an addiction rehab center, many individuals recovering from addiction are still vulnerable to cravings and the triggers that initially led them to abuse addictive substances in the first place. With relapse prevention in Lufkin, however, sufferers can take part in relapse prevention programs that are designed to support them and their goal of long-term sobriety. During the first initial weeks and years post-rehab, many individuals can use this extra support as they rebuild their lives. If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, relapse prevention treatment can help you stay sober.

Programs for relapse prevention are designed to address the various elements of addiction that can lead to relapse. Relapse prevention addiction treatment typically involves individual and group counseling that provides individuals with the support they need to keep their recovery journey on track. With relapse prevention in Lufkin, sufferers can begin to unravel the reasons why they abused drugs or alcohol in the first place and develop strategies for coping with emotions and set-backs without turning to addictive substances. During relapse prevention treatment, individuals will also learn how to have fun and get meaning from their lives without allowing drugs or alcohol in the picture. Since each addiction sufferer is different, programs for relapse prevention also feature a personalized component that helps people cope with problems that are unique to them.

Relapse Statistics

Drug and alcohol relapse are all too common. Many substances are powerfully addictive, and addiction sufferers can continue to crave them physically and psychologically even after drug detox in Lufkin and their initial intensive addiction treatment. Some drugs are associated with higher relapse rates than others. For instance, some sources indicate the opioid drugs are associated with an 86% relapse rate. Methamphetamine, a dangerously addictive illicit drug, is associated with a 93% relapse rate. Some sources report that alcohol relapse statistics are as high as 90%. However, with drug or alcohol relapse prevention, sufferers can avoid becoming one of these unfortunate statistics.

Moreover, it's important for addiction sufferers to keep in mind that many experts believe that relapse can form part of the recovery process. For instance, relapse is a factor in many diseases, but it needn't prevent ultimate recovery. Additional relapse prevention in Lufkin can help sufferers get the extra support they need to finally overcome their addiction.

Relapse Stages: What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Relapse?

According to the experts who design relapse prevention programs, relapse tends to occur in stages. The first stage of relapse is the emotional stage. This stage of relapse occurs when the individual begins to struggle with negative emotions. Certainly, experiencing emotions like anger and fear is normal, but these negative emotions can also lead to alcohol or drug relapse when not successfully managed or managed in a healthful manner. Mental relapse is considered the second stage of relapse. This stage is associated with a desire to use drugs or alcohol again. During this phase, a person might fantasize about using drugs or alcohol and are more fully aware of their desire to use these substances. The final stage of relapse is the physical phase. This is when the person actually takes an addictive substance again. During relapse prevention in Lufkin, TX, addiction sufferers will learn to stop relapse before it reaches that final physical stage.

Keep in mind that a person struggling to manage their addiction to alcohol or drugs may show various signs and symptoms of emotional and mental relapse. Struggling with relationship, work, or school problems can leave them more vulnerable to relapse, for example. Reconnecting with old friends who still abuse drugs or alcohol or visiting places where these substances are known to be found also demonstrate that more drug or alcohol relapse prevention is needed.

What Happens if Relapse Occurs?

If you do suffer a relapse, don't despair. Relapse prevention addiction treatment in Lufkin will help you understand that a relapse can simply indicate the need for more treatment. Relapse prevention programs can help you figure out what made you vulnerable to relapse and how you can move past that vulnerability in the future. Relapse prevention treatment can also put you into contact with a sponsor who can be there for you if you need help warding off relapse.

Don't let relapse derail your important recovery journey. Programs for relapse prevention will help you stay on track so you can successfully maintain your sobriety. With relapse prevention in Lufkin, you'll be ready to get back to your life and to rebuild it without the damaging influences of alcohol or drugs. Call now at (877) 804-1531.

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