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People arrive at substance addiction for a myriad of reasons, but what they all have in common is a need for reliable addiction treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab. Although programs for addiction treatment can't cure addiction, which experts believe cannot be cured, they can help the sufferer manage their addiction so they can finally achieve long-term recovery through sobriety. With addiction treatment in Lufkin, addiction sufferers can learn to manage the triggers that led them to abuse drugs or alcohol and prevent themselves from relapsing. If you are suffering with an addiction, you shouldn't have to go it alone. The caring professionals at drug and alcohol treatment centers are there to help you get better through effective disease management.

According to medical experts, addiction is a disease that is governed by a sense of compulsion. Substance addiction involves physical, psychological, and behavioral dependencies that underscore this multi-type condition. Individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol cannot control their use of these substances or prevent themselves from using them. If they do attempt to quit, they invariably suffer withdrawal symptoms. Since addiction is a multi-type disease, it requires multi-type treatments and therapies that are available at drug and alcohol treatment centers. By working through drug and alcohol treatment programs, sufferers can get the help they need to break down their dependencies and learn to manage their condition through sobriety.

Why Does an Individual Become an Addict?

There are many paths to substance addiction. Some people may be genetically predisposed to alcoholism or drug addiction. Some people may have suffered a trauma that led them to use and then abuse addictive substances. Some people arrive at substance addiction completely by accident after a prolonged stint of prescription drugs used to treat post-surgical pain, for example.

Addiction is an insidious condition because many individuals don't even realize it's happening. For example, when a person uses a drug or alcohol for a certain period of time, they eventually become tolerant of the dose, meaning, they no longer feel buzzed, high, or in the case of painkillers, pain free. So, they increase their dose until they again reach a tolerance level and, again, increase the amount they consume. This pattern of tolerance and increase paves a path to addiction.

There is considerable evidence that people who suffer from a mental or mood disorder may be more vulnerable to substance addiction. Other known factors associated with substance abuse and addiction include poverty and growing up with a parent who abuses drugs or alcohol. However one becomes an addict, there's no reason they have to stay one. With addiction treatment in Lufkin, sufferers can begin their road to recovery with the support they need to effectively manage their condition.

Why Should a Person Enter an Addiction Treatment Center?

Without drug or alcohol rehab, there's little chance for a sufferer to overcome their addiction. Statistics show that even with alcohol and drug rehab, many people will relapse because addiction is a powerful disease. Many substances like meth and heroin are associated with incredibly high relapse rates. There is a 93% relapse rate associated with meth, for instance. With addiction treatment addicts can learn relapse prevention in Lufkin and get the support they need to stay sober.

There are many reasons why addiction sufferers cannot manage their addiction without drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The first is because withdrawal symptoms can be extremely intense. Moreover, detoxing by oneself isn't safe as some withdrawal symptoms can lead to life-threatening health complications. Drug and alcohol treatment centers will reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms to effectively prevent serious health consequences from occurring.

Yet, the physical side of addiction isn't the only contributing factor. Many addiction sufferers are unable to overcome the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction without the help of drug and alcohol treatment programs. For sufferers committed to the idea of recovery, addiction treatment in Lufkin is their answer to effective disease management. Therapies like individual and group counseling, for instance, help sufferers understand their triggers and can provide them with strategies for managing them.

If you are addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs, you should know that your mental and physical health are at great risk. It's important for you to get medical help at a drug and alcohol rehab in Lufkin. Addiction may have a hold over your life now, but with programs for addiction treatment, you can work to overcome this condition with the resources and support needed to achieve recovery. Call now for help (877) 804-1531.

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